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EPIC Companies, LLC (EPIC), formerly TETRA Offshore Services, is a full-service provider to the global decommissioning, installation and maintenance market.  EPIC is known for environmental stewardship, customer service, outstanding safety and operational excellence and operates in the Gulf of Mexico and other markets.  EPIC is an aggregation of several synergistic & well known business units including:
  • Heavy Lift w/ DB Hedron (1763T) & DB Arapaho (800T)
  • EPIC Divers and Marine with the 1000’ Saturation DSV the EPIC Explorer
  • Wellbore Services
  • EOT Cutting
  • TSB Offshore

EPIC’s project management team is exemplary in their ability to provide customers with a creative set of solutions based on experience, efficient & seamless operations.
Safely executing complex projects is a functional cornerstone and EPIC continues to be a leader in their market regarding safety performance, progression of standards, and communication of safety.
As a private company backed by a $1B investment fund and a market leader for 12 years, EPIC is uniquely able to assist customers in surmounting complex problems or provide crews to handle straight forward issues.