EPIC Derrick Barges

EPIC Companies, LLC is pleased to announce both of its heavy lift derrick barges have successfully mobilized for the 2018 Decommissioning Campaign. The Epic Hedron (1,760 s.tons) and Epic Arapaho (800 s.tons) will be performing a variety of work-scopes including platform removals, equipment lifts, well/caisson removals, and downed vessel recovery.

Epic Diving and Marine maintains year round air and gas diving spread on the vessels – complete with dual launch & recovery systems and capability of increased depths utilizing the portable 450’ and 1000’ saturation diving systems.

EOT Cutting keeps an variety of diamond wire and hole saws onboard, with quick access to the entire EOT collection of tooling – multistring hot taps, valve drilling, rail saws, and slot cutters. Technicians and HPUs have interchangeability across product lines – minimizing headcount, deckspace, spares, and of course – cost.

EOT Abrasives is the preferred solution for single and multistring internal abrasives – offering the highest pressure system available in the western hemisphere.

EPIC is committed to being the premier one-call solution in the Gulf of Mexico. No other provider can offer such an extensive suite of services in-house and fully unified by the EPIC safety culture, ISO 9001 certification, and cross functional project management organization.