Heavy Lift

General Manager
Greg Wagner

EPIC’s Heavy Lift Group has removed over 470 structures and has the technical expertise and capability to handle the most difficult projects, utilizing a fleet of derrick barges. With a lift capacity of up to 1,700 short tons, these barges are a good fit for accommodating the installation and decommissioning of various topside and jacket structures.

Our team of engineers and project managers oversee the various stages of heavy lift projects that include installation and construction; decommissioning of platforms and associated infrastructure; and ultimately, site clearance and project completion.

Hedron Derrick Barge

The DB Hedron is a world-class derrick barge with a 1,763-ton (1,600-metric) capacity, fully revolving crane, and accommodations for 300 personnel. This powerful barge, along with experienced crews, offers valuable solutions for heavy lift, decommissioning, construction, and installation projects.

Arapaho Derrick Barge

The DB Arapaho is an 800-ton (726 metric) capacity conventional derrick barge that is ideal for a variety of offshore projects. The Arapaho’s experienced crew and reliable equipment contribute to successful solutions for offshore decommissioning, installation, and construction challenges.