TSB Offshore

TSB Offshore is an Oil and Gas Decommissioning Advisory and Consultancy organization with more than 30 years of Global Oil and Gas experience.

Global Services Include:

Abandonment Liability Estimates – Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO)
Regulatory Consultancy
Project Planning
Cost Estimation
Detailed Project Studies
Full Service Project Management

TSB Offshore utilizes proprietary abandonment cost estimation software called PAES™ which is unique in the oil and gas industry. This software was developed by TSB and accesses a resource data base of actual project costs and algorithms to develop the decommissioning cost estimates. The PAES™ system contains thousands of cost estimates for the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Gulf of Thailand, Brazil and other areas spanning over 30 years. The database provides unique opportunities for trend analysis and insight into decommissioning projects which are unmatched in the industry.

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