Well Services

EPIC’s rigless plug and abandonment service has become the time-tested alternative to conventional rig-based P&A operations. From the beginning, EPIC’s modular rigless P&A spreads were developed with safety and ease of deployment in mind. These two factors make a huge impact in an offshore environment. When it comes to the environment, safety, speed of deployment, and the duration of the offshore operation can make all the difference.

Rigless P&A

EPIC Well Services 


Simultaneous operations on multiple wells
Reduces operational downtime


Cross-trained & multi-disciplined


Production slickline
Regulatory engineering
Dedicated in-house support personnel
Project management

Coil Tubing Service

Stewart & Stevenson M80L Injector head
Stewart & Stevenson R-19 Reel
Vanoil/Forum BOP 3 1/16” Stack
Combination Power Pack and Console for space saving